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Hi, I am a Trauma Healer and UI Mentor.

While growing up l found a unique connection to others that I did not understand; I sought answers in other areas of my life. In my journey of life I have worked in many fields from construction to guiding people on their walks in life.

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How it Started

To start my story a bit about myself I am a middle child from a family of 7 kids. We were all home schooled from grade 1-12. Started working in the construction field very early on. I am a licensed plumber, welder, and have been in management over the years. I am married and have 3 amazing kids. 

We are all growing in our own ways and this is fun to watch as we see the amazingness of each other. 


During all this years ago on my journey, I was introduced to UI and began to move towards my true purpose in life, guiding others towards a connection with your higher-self. Also known, as your spiritual side there are many names for it, your higher self can lead you to your highest potential.

In 2016 I graduated from the UI (Universal Intelligence) with a diploma as a UI Mentor, DNA healer, Business Mentor, and Trainer.  

Taking the UI programs has changed my life in ways that I cannot describe in words. It was during this time I found the connection that I have been looking for.

As I kept growing I found a man named David Ian Rogers that has taken my life to another level. He has trained and mentored my to help clear the traumas in not only my life but in the lives of others. My goal is to help any one that is looking to take their life to the next level or to stay where they are but with a better flow in life.

In all this I found that we have all the answers inside of us we just have to stop and listen to them. 

Allow me to guide you to your truth in life by making the connection to your higher self, and clearing limiting beliefs and/or traumas that are blocking you from living your life’s true purpose.

Allow me to help show you the way to the joy, happiness, health, and prosperity. A better life is waiting inside of you and wants to come out. Looking forward to hearing from you.