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Read Some Testimonials From Past Clients

“After my session with Rick, I felt empowered and in such a positive state of mind. I genuinely felt my limiting beliefs about work, money and health shift to more empowering beliefs and feel a new vigor and excitement about life and future potential. I would recommend Rick to anyone who is feeling ‘stuck’ or looking for empowerment”

Mohammad Ahmad

From Canberra, Australia

“Rick has such a natural gift and ability and was able to tune into my higher self and provide me with invaluable guidance in the areas of relationships and career and cleared blockages from my past, which he was able to detect with incredible accuracy.

He removed all my limiting beliefs that had been holding me back in these areas of life and provided me with sound advice about the steps I should take in the future in order to live a happy, fulfilled and successful life. I can already feel these tremendous shifts and the healing that has occurred within me, thanks to Rick’s truly wonderful healing session! He possesses an incredible talent and is an amazingly skilful mentor and healer.”

Sophia M. Alstralea

Guiding and belief clearing session

“What a fantastic session. Rick’s messages were so clear and spot on. The way that he was able to find that connection with myself and help me clear limiting beliefs that I had been unable to clear myself was amazing. I’m so truly grateful to have had this experience with him.

I strongly recommend that if you are having any blocks in your life that you can’t seem to find that answer or clarity to, that you give Rick a call and find that peace of mind and move forward with your life with fresh perspectives and a clear path”

Rebecca, Australia